Friday, November 2, 2018

A day as a professional photographer, kind of!

Last month I got a new Panasonic GH% for my birthday. Since then I have been practising with my camera every day. I have been posting a lot of my pictures on Instagram and getting a lot of positive comments. I am really considering taking some college classes next year on photography and possibly pursue a career as a photographer.

Last week I actually got the chance to be a professional photographer, sort of. 

I was visiting my cousin, Tom, in Temecula and telling him how much I enjoy photography. I was showing him some of the photos I took with my new camera of random stuff. He told me about a friend of his that does professional real estate photography in Temecula. Tom asked me if I would like to meet him and see what he does. I was super excited about getting to meet a professional photographer. This might give me some Idea if this was the career I wanted to take or not. I told him that I would love to meet him to see what it was like to be a professional photographer.

We met Rich at his house, I showed him my work and he said it looked very good. We talked about how he got into photography and how he started his own business. This all gave me some great insight into what It would take to start my own business. Then Rich asked me if I would like to ride along to a listing he had to shoot in an hour. Of course, I did and he even said I should bring my camera and take some shots too.

We drove to a home in Lake Elsinore that Rich was planning to shoot. He went over how to set up my camera to take better images in the different lighting conditions. I really learned a lot about real estate photography and how to shoot it.

Time to make some edits

After the shoot, we went back to Rich's place and he showed me how he edits the photos through Lightroom. I have never used any photo editing software before and he made it look easy. this something I am definitely going to get when I have the extra cash.

Here is one of the photos I took.
Lake Elsinore Real estate Photography

I really enjoyed learning the tips and tricks that Rich shared with me but I really don't see myself as a real estate photographer. It was actually kind of boring taking pictures without any life to them. I prefer to take pictures of nature and people, although it may not be as lucrative as other types of photography.

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